Hospitality, simplicity, genuiness. Three words to distinguish Valle verde, an agritouristy farm immersed in a pine forest founded in the early 1980s, situated in the countryside near Altamura, the City of Bread. Since always we’ve given much importance to the values of hospitality and family to manage our activity. The stillness and the charm of this place (400 metres of elevation) guarantee a relaxing and pleasant stay not only during summer: we await you in autumn, with the colours of the grape harvest; in winter to spend pleasant nights next to a burning chimney; In spring, when the farmland is covered in bright green grass. Our cuisine has been the key of our success throughout the years. Mrs Rina, the adorable mistress of the house, always available and hospitable. Above all she is an excellent cooker who has counted on traditional recipes implying mainly homemade products. The structure has available several accommodations for overnights. We have available three comfortable bungalows immersed in the pine forest for our guests and three welcoming rooms in the main structure furnished simply and rurally. Valle Verde has got many leisure facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, a tennis court and Ping-Pong. The surrounding territory offers the opportunity to visit landmarks of great historical and cultural importance such as the Uomo di Altamura.



Sassi di Matera The Sassi di Matera became cultural heritage for UNESCO in 1993. They were the first location culturally protected from UNESCO in southern Italy.
Uomo di Altamura The Uomo di Altamura is a skeleton of Homo neanderthalensis discovered on October 1993 in Lamalunga’s cave, nearby Altamura.
Valle dei dinosauri The quarry of Dinosaurs of Altamura is an extended area of about twelve thousands squared metres, where several dinosaurs’ traces were discovered in 1999.
Cattedrale The basilica of Santa Maria Assunta is the duomo of Altamura and cathedral of the diocese of Altamura-Gravina-Acquaviva delle fonti.
  I calustri  The typical claustri of Altamura (the picturesque alleys of the old town center).
  Il Pulo  The Pulo of Altamura is the biggest valley in Alta Murgia. It has an elevation of about 477 metres and it is 6 kilometres far from Altamura.
  Parco Alta Murgia  The national park of Alta Murgia, shortened PnAM, established in 2004, It is a protected natural area situated in Puglia, in the districts of Bari and Barletta-Andria-Trani.
  Gravina in Puglia  The evocative location of Gravina in Puglia (15 kilometres far from Altamura) with the cathedral, the Botromagno and the rugged churches.


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